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'State of Mind' Examines California Art

By Thomas Connors for the Michigan Avenue Magazine on October 1, 2013

Now on view at the Smart Museum of Art, “State of Mind: New California Art Circa 1970” is a sharp examination of Conceptual art in the Golden State, where its practitioners (many of whom came from elsewhere) pursued its aims with a relish peculiar to that Pacific-kissed world. “The fact that there was virtually no institutional support for this work gave the artists a lot of freedom,” observes the show’s cocurator, Constance M. Lewallen of the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. “California represented the future; it was where change was taking place. New York was more steeped in tradition.”

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Professor Emeritus Eleanor Antin

Image Credit:
Eleanor Antin's "100 BOOTS Move On" 1972.
Photography courtesy of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York and Michigan Avenue Magazine.