Carrie Mae Weems' "Lincoln, Lonnie and Me -- A Story in 5 Parts." From the Mattress Factory exhibition "Feminist And ...":

MFA Alumna Carrie Mae Weems mentioned in

Transformative art:

Two Pittsburgh shows highlight how feminism has lifted women up

By Mary Thomas for the PittsburghPost-Gazette on March 17, 2013

Ayanah Moor and Carrie Mae Weems invite the visitor to be more interior, completing their works with a personal reading...Ms. Weems evokes memory as a subjective object in her mesmerizing "Lincoln, Lonnie and Me -- A Story in 5 Parts." The 18-minute video projection on Mylar has an almost holographic quality.

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Carrie Mae Weems is an UC San Diego Visual Arts MFA Alumna.

Image courtesy of Artist Carrie Mae Weems and the PittsburghPost-Gazette

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