Tristan Shone. Photo by: Glenna Jennings.

MFA Alumni Tristan Shone (aka Author and Punisher), Chris Csikszentmihalyi, and Glenna Jennings mentioned in

Author & Punisher's Tristan Shone on his metal roots:

"I feel like the cleanest cut metal person"

Interview by Tom Murphy for the Denver Westword on January 13, 2014

I'd worked with artist Chris Csikszentmihalyi in Boston at MIT and RPI, who was more of a new media and installation artist, and he introduced me to the idea of tech plus art..I'm not gonna lie; these are MIDI controllers. I've made haptic interfaces that have resistance. My microphones are now a little bit more on the acoustic side. I recently made these masks that have motors and things that kind of open and close your air gap, and I modulate the sound in that way. Those are very much acoustic. I'm not really an analog kind of guy. I've never geeked out on analog pedals or synths or anything like that. I love the flexibility of the computer. I can build one of these devices with a really good controller and make it sound like anything I want...

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Image is courtesy of the Artist Tristan Shone, Glenna Jennings, and the Denver Westword.

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