By Sheena Ghanbari for the UC San Diego News Center on May 26, 2017

The exhibition displays UC San Diego artists’ varied interests ranging from investigations in material, surface and form to concerns with memory, labor and the body...Exhibition Artists: Trevor Amery, Michael Ano, Seth Ferris, Saúl Hernández-Vargas, Audrey Hope, Morgan Mandalay, Erick Msumanje, Amy Reid, Joshua Saunders, Patrick Shields and Patricia Zambrano. Department of Visual Arts’ professor Anya Gallaccio served as faculty liaison for the exhibition, which is co-curated by UC San Diego art history, theory and criticism Ph.D. alumna Lara Bullock and by MCASD assistant curator Anthony Graham.

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Left to right: “Recline of the West,” installation (hammocks), 2017, Seth Ferris; “Untitled” (foams), Styrofoam, oil paint and epoxy resin, 2017, Patrick Shields; “Last Ditch Stop: Escape Plan,” oil and spray paint on canvas (partial view), 2017, detail Morgan Mandalay. Photo courtesy of the Department of Visual Arts

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