A commentary on the demolition and impacts of the UCSD Crafts Center, “A Fox’s Craft” notes the importance of collaboration among students from various disciplines.

By Chandra Couzens on March 10, 2016

“A Fox’s Craft,” a recent collaborative performance installation by Yuka Murakami and Gianna Zamora, provides an insightful tribute to the now-demolished UCSD Crafts Center...Featuring video and audio from the demolition of the Crafts Center, the installation highlights three moments in the Crafts Center’s timeline: functioning, being demolished and carrying on its legacy through students making the art for the exhibit...

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Gianna Zamora (Studio Major) and Yuka Murakami (Media Minor) are UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts undergraduate students.

Installation/Performance photo by Christian Duarte is courtesy of the UCSD Guardian.

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