The Adam D. Kamil Gallery presents Victoria Iungerich's premiere solo exhibition

Present Present: Victoria Iungerich, A Solo Show Curated by Audrey Maier
May 26 - May 29, 2015 - Reception: May 27th, 5-8 PM

The Adam D. Kamil Gallery presents Victoria Iungerich's premiere solo exhibition. In Present Present Iungerich blurs the boundaries between sculpture and painting as she challenges their restrictive definitions. While painting often entails paint applied to canvas Iungerich instead "paints" using tactile materials such as cotton, yarn, burlap, thread and fabric. Touch is essential to her process as her careful cuts and stitches harmoniously respond to the raw properties of her materials. Iungerich's process of sewing and weaving onto canvas are resonant of her upbringing in a traditional working class Soviet family where her fingers memorized the processes of sewing, knitting and crotchet but grew tired of restrictive patterns.

In these works Iungerich's nimble fingers transform materials used for domestic work and crafts into powerful objects of artistic expression. Present Present probes into the intersections and contrasts between her childhood rituals of repetitive domestic work and the growing luxury of hand-crafted products here in the United States. Iungerich's work is a combination of seemingly contrasting worlds and definitions, between painting and sculpture; as well as every day manual work and the handmade luxury. She says, "I work with my hands as a symbolic gesture, joining of the two worlds of past and present."

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