Women's Museum of California
December 7-February 24

Capturing the Wonder of Women is the first Juried Exhibition at the Women's Museum of California's new Gallery Space at Liberty Station. The exhibition is curated by visual arts faculty, Li Hiau, curated by noted art critic, Robert Pincus, and features visual arts MFA candidates, Elmira Mohebali, Lesha Maria Rodriguez, and Vabianna Santos.

Curatorial Statement:
The relocation of the Women's Museum of California to the lovely environs of San Diego's Liberty Station is a most welcome development. The move constitutes a new beginning. The museum's potential for growth and impact is apparent to all. "Capturing the Wonder of Women" is an exhilarating way to celebrate this important moment of transition. The exhibition features a wide range of artistic works created by members of our complex and colorful community. At precisely the moment the museum is undergoing a major transition, we are able to reflect on striking and challenging visual images that treat many cultural, social, political, and economic dimensions of the life experiences of women of the past, present, and future. The rich diversity of women in our community, indeed the "Wonder of Women," is captured here by a wide range of artists. They all take up the issue of "life as experienced by women," but they do so by making use of different media and contrasting visual strategies. The result is a dynamic tableau that testifies at once to the creativity of our arts community and to the vitality, resilience and potential of women in California and beyond.

Participating Artists:
Alicia Tirado
Angela Dominguez Burris
Anna Zappoli
Ava Reed
Barbara Friedman
Bhavna Mehta
Catherine Newhart
Chuck McPherson
Claudia Cano
Derek Slevin
Diana Carey
Dwora Fried
Elmira Mohebali
Emilia Sadeghi
Fern Matthews
Freyda Miller
G. Pasha Turley
Gail Schneider
Geri Jimenez Gould
Jana Charl
Janetmarie Colby
Jean Beneli
Jean Collins
Joan Mathison
Joanne Rugggles
Joe Nalven
John Valois
Judy Pike
Julia San Roman
Kathleen McCabe
Kathy Nida
Kenda Francis
Lee Puffer
Lesha Maria Rodriguez
Linda Anderson
Mary Fleener
Mele Fox
Rachel Eva
Sandra Mueller
Sangeeta "Geeta" Collins
Sherri Cornett
Stephanie Bedwell
Sue Simon
Tracy Brown
Vabianna Santos
Vicki Leon