Opening of New Era in Medicine at UC San Diego

By Christina S. Johnson for the UC San Diego News on December 1, 2016

In some parts of the medical center, you may forget you are in a hospital at all. Longtime university benefactor Joan Jacobs and Kathryn Kanjo, chief executive of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, have assembled a museum-quality therapeutic art collection, with (to date) more than 150 paintings, drawings, sculptures, a tapestry and photographs placed throughout the hospital. ....

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Professor Emeritus Manny Farber
UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts

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Roses and Two Lemons by Manny Farber (1996) is an oil on board featured on floor 1 of Jacobs Medical Center at UC San Diego Health.
Photo by Kyle Dykes/UC San Diego Health

Image is courtesy of UC San Diego News and the UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center.

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