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Ringgold shared some information with the Indianapolis Recorder about her life as an artist and what she is working on now... Read more at:
'Die' has been on view at the entrance of MoMA’s collection galleries on the fourth-floor, and it always seems to have a crowd around it when I pass by.
The stunning rise of nationalism, populism, and fundamentalism has roiled the world.
Stefani Byrd is used to getting strong reactions to her work. “I’ve had people light up with excitement, break down into tears and run in the other direction,” she says.
Kate Clark is an interesting artist who connects communities and institutions with their public spaces and mythologies.
The Museum of Modern Art recently acquired Faith Ringgold’s extremely violent, 12-foot-wide painting “American People Series #20: Die” (1970), which will be the focus of her conversation tonight
In some parts of the medical center, you may forget you are in a hospital at all.
micha cárdenas has been given the 2016 Creative Award by the Gender Justice League.
Suzanne Wright’s cut-ups transform flat two-dimensional space into wormholes that transport you to the utopic order of 1960s United States during the Space Race.