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Liu, who moved to the United States in 1984 to go to graduate school at UC San Diego, where her adviser was the famed performance artist Allan Kaprow, chose the works for the show with Oakland
By Andy Robertson, FORBES Contributor November, 30, 2012 LA Game Space Helps Video Games Grow Up
"Grid, Sequence Me" turns the gallery into an animation installation by artists Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy.
January, 2013 Arthur and Marilouise Kroker present their Top Ten for ARTFORUM, which includes Professor Ricardo Dominguez and Chair Jordan Crandall.
the exhibition is the result of a huge team effort. “(Li Huai) had a vision and when she put all the pieces together; it was magic” -- Women's Museum Director Ashley Gardner
Laida Lertxundi and I met at her apartment in the early evening, only moments after the sun had set in Los Angeles.
the artist focuses on the intersection of two cultures but far from mystifying the encounter, he proposes the possibility of repeating the colonial relationship of the past.
It was a hit. "People were very engaged by the project. It draws people in and gets them thinking about how they define themselves." -- Jordan Dupuis, Asia Center Dev. Cd.
“I was always doing art. I never stopped. I never thought of it of something to be, just something to do.” -- Faith Ringgold
Shone continues to refine his craft while inventing new machines.