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UC San Diego Visual Arts Presents Open Studios and the 6th Annual Graduate Student Conference
the corner of Kenmare and Cleveland place has been a point of overlap of many things: SoHo and Nolita for starters, then art and architecture, which is where it found its name.
“In China, when I went to the best art institute in Beijing, everything was so tight, so compartmentalized, only focused on one discipline-you did sculpture only, or drawing only or mural only.
The legendary artist speaks on feminism and fighting for representation.
Jerry Truong and Annette Isham make art that explores identity, history, gender and other personally and politically charged topics...
  Interview: Louis Hock Faculty artist's latest includes major public art at LAX
"I titled this reflection in this manner in order to underline one of the most interesting aspects of Laida Lertxundi's film work.
MFA Candidate Lesha Maria Rodriguez receives three honorable mentions at the International Photo Awards 10th Annual IPA Competition
CAA has announced the recipients of the 2013 Awards for Distinction, which honor the outstanding achievements and accomplishments of individual artists, art historians, authors, conservators, curat