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Kate Clark is an interesting artist who connects communities and institutions with their public spaces and mythologies.
The Museum of Modern Art recently acquired Faith Ringgold’s extremely violent, 12-foot-wide painting “American People Series #20: Die” (1970), which will be the focus of her conversation tonight
In some parts of the medical center, you may forget you are in a hospital at all.
micha cárdenas has been given the 2016 Creative Award by the Gender Justice League.
Suzanne Wright’s cut-ups transform flat two-dimensional space into wormholes that transport you to the utopic order of 1960s United States during the Space Race.
I like the challenge of being uncomfortable, inquisitive, and a little nervous, but not fearful... Read more at:
The exhibit of artists such as Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden and Faith Ringgold gives Americans a chance to discover the work of exiled artists largely ignored in their homeland....
120 works by Chinese American artist Hung Liu at Trillium Graphics found themselves warmed by glowing images and beckoning portraits...They were created by a process the artist calls za zhong...
I often hear the platitude that art thrives when artists are forced into action by life or death necessity.
The filmmaker, Becky Cohen, best known as photographer of the Getty Center’s Robert Irwin Garden in Los Angeles and the gardens of André Le Nôtre in Paris, has known Cutler-Shaw since the 1970s,