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The College Art Association has announced the recipients of the 2012 Awards for Distinction, which honor the outstanding achievements and accomplishments of individual artists, art historians, auth
a grassroots film, conceived & written by the Karrabing Indigenous Corporation in conjunction with Liza Johnson, a US based director, myself & local Darwinites has been selected for the Berlina
"Kim MacConnel is nationally known as a leader in the “decorative” or “pattern” painting movement, but those terms don’t truly convey the complexities of his sham
State of Mind: New California Art circa 1970 Features UCSD Faculty and Alumni
Kim MacConnel — with his status as one of the founders of the “Pattern and Decoration” movement, with his art exhibited internationally from Venice to New York and with his inf
Fred Lonider at Cardwell Jimmerson Art "Long associated with Allan Sekula and Martha Rosler, Lonidier received an extremely timely
Filling the Art Institute right now is an ambitious survey tracing the role of photography in the development of conceptual art from 1964 to 1977...Eleanor Antin's series of postcards docume
You can never step in the same river twice, unless you're a performance artist working today...Glenn Phillips, the curator at the Getty Research Institute who co-directed the festival,