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If the early photographic pieces are Ms. Simpson's most forceful work, her films are her most beautiful...
We have already talked about the software artist Alex Dragulescu...As a matter of fact Valentina Tanni brilliantly presented the Romanian USA-based artist in the n°17 Digimag issue (September),
An annual prize for local artists, both of the established and emerging variety, has been created, with an accompanying exhibition program that will feature their work.
Roman de Salvo is incapable of using an ordinary material in an ordinary way...He's taken his skills into their largest arena yet with “Nexus Eucalyptus,” which he and his crew are installing a
"The Time We Killed" achieves a quiet power through rough-edged, handcrafted means.
NEW YORK - The Rome Prize Competition awards for 2005-2006 have been announced. The winners are given the opportunity to pursue their work at the American Academy in Rome for up to 2 years.
The FIPRESCI Festival Awards are presented at a series of international festivals. Berlin (Germany, February 5-15, 2004)
Rosler has investigated the white, male, capitalist-dominated culture that permeates everyday life.
There are works in the exhibition that have a certain poetry and subtlety...Maybe what makes Ms. Weems's work stand apart, like Ms.