The Department of Visual Arts offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in media, studio, computing, and art history; a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) across painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, computing, film, video, and photography; and Ph.D. in art and media history, theory and criticism.  The Ph.D. program includes a concentration in artistic practice -- one of the first doctoral programs in the country designed for practicing artists, and one of the few worldwide to be housed in a Ph.D. department of art history. 

Our department offers a unique intellectual environment in which exchange and dialogue between art practitioners, historians, and critics is openly encouraged.  While students may choose to focus within one particular area, they are encouraged to push the boundaries of their chosen medium and to reach across media-specific boundaries into new forms of art making.

The department is currently developing a number of new curricular initiatives along with new pedagogical strategies that integrate the classroom, the studio, and the laboratory with various environmental, urban, and institutional sites.  Just as we provide disciplinary knowledges and skills in specific artistic and scholarly pursuits within Visual Arts, we also provide transferable knowledges and skills that prepare students to be intellectually and creatively agile, in whatever discipline they may pursue.  We understand Visual Art as a research-based activity that is both critical and creative, cultivating hybrid forms of cultural practice and analysis that enrich students' ability to intervene in the conditions of knowledge production, generate new methods and creative processes, in whatever professional field they may pursue.

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