Sindhu Thirumalaisamy



Sindhu Thirumalaisamy is an artist and filmmaker with an interest in sound and spatial politics. Following the multiple ways in which sound challenges regimes of representation and control, Sindhu’s work engages a poetics of uncontainability across different sites, cultures, and borders. It approaches listening as both an inward experience shaped by gender, ethnicity, technology and time; and as a gesture that is interested in the expansive environments with/in which we arrange our lives.

Sindhu studied film and video at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, India (2008-2012). She has participated in exhibitions and programs at Artists’ Television Access (San Francisco), SOMA Summer (Mexico City), University of Oslo, UC San Diego, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Edinburgh Festival of Art, ONCA Centre for Arts and Ecology (Brighton), Kunsthaus Langenthal, Khoj International Artists' Association (New Delhi), and Dharamshala International Film Festival. She regularly works with other artists and activists, taking on roles of researcher, recordist, editor, and performer.


image credit: Andrew Sturm from Sturm's "31 Foot Ladders" (2017)