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presents the past year of programs and news at the department. This annual publication highlights achievements in the visual arts and showcases the exemplary work of students and faculty. To request a copy of ReView please contact To view our most recent ReView please click here; to view the 2015 publication please click here; to view the 2014 publication please click here; to view the 2013 publication please click here.

is produced by the Discursive and Curatorial Production Initiative and edited by Assistant Professor of Art History, Mariana Wardwell. Inaugurated in September 2012, this publication is a quarterly journal of art and theory dedicated to an unflinching examination of material culture historically and in the present.


is an online journal for short-form writing and media work founded by Professor Jordan Crandall. It presents scenes, incidents, encounters, and sensory experiences drawn from everyday life, in which concepts are not only elaborated but enacted. Each Version editorial item adheres to the following formal constraint: a maximum of 500 words, 5 images, or 50 seconds.


is a collaborative zine created by MFA Candidate Artemisa Clark and Ph.D. student Melinda Guillen. The publication humorously explores the tensions inherent in discussion abou gender, language, and emotional expression. The first issue "Feelings Feelings," was launched in March 2013 and the second issue "The Cult of Crying," released in January 2014.