The University Art Gallery , founded in 1966, has had a long-standing commitment to new and diverse forms of artistic practice, hosting some of the earliest exhibitions of performance and installation art on the west coast. It is deeply tied to the history of artistic innovation in Southern California and the border culture of the US and Mexico. The Gallery maintains an ongoing commitment to innovative forms of public programming, exhibition, and public intervention. It incorporates artistic and organizational practices that both include, and expand the terrain beyond, the traditional process and form of the art exhibition. The Gallery aims to activate new fields of knowledge production, new material, discursive, and critical possibilities -- alternative forms of organization, exchange, collection, and presentation that can be incorporated into new understandings of artistic endeavor. Working with the conditions and interrelationships of publics, space, discourse, and pedagogy, it enhances the dialogue around diversity within contemporary cultural practice and supports fellows and students in their academic and professional development as curators, critics, writers and scholars.