Center for Design and Geopolitics (SME Building, 408)
A think-tank devoted towards using Art and Design to develop new models for how planetary-scale computations transform political, urban, and ecological systems. D:GP begins with the supposition that the heavy carbon economies have reached an insolvable impasse, and must at their core be redesigned, reformed and replaced.

Center for Urban Ecologies (SME Building, 402 and 404)
The CUE seeks critical intersections across environmental, territorial and geo-political spatial conditions, from global trans-border zones to regional and local sectors of conflict in the contemporary city. CUE engages a two-prong research project, one towards Latin America and the other one towards Asia, from the scale of local marginal neighborhoods as sites of investigation. CUE has been creating bridges between scholarly research, top-down urban policies and grass roots social organization, bringing together studies and works from the fields of architecture and urbanism, environmental and social practice.

Discursive and Curatorial Productions (SME Building, 406)
A space designed for critical dialogue and experimentation in curatorial and discursive practices, with workshops for research into art practice, the aesthetics of materialization, and the cognitive and pedagogical potential of aesthetics.

Electronics and Robotics Lab (SME Building, 305)
This Lab functions as an open source space that seeks to create sharable and sustainable infrastructure for conceptual and art driven technologies. Initiatives include, but are not limited to, the development of electronic design, boards, mechanical designs and fabrication, and custom software.

Experimental Drawing Studio (SME Building, 202)
A space for the intersection of disciplines that engage in the practice of drawing in its expansive range of forms. Artists, engineers, architects, writers, designers, animators, and media practitioners use this studio to explore the role of drawing in their research.

Experimental Media Lab (SME Building, 401)
EML functions as a faculty initiative for mentorship, scholarship and workshop-based Media pedagogy. A laboratory for drafting and testing contemporary faculty and graduate research, enabling filmmakers, designers, animators, sound-artists, engineers, and scholars to draft and test the progress of their media work..

Experimental Sculpture and Painting Production Studio (ESP Studio) (SME Building, 201)
This studio supports faculty, guest artist, and graduate student projects, production, materials testing, staging, collaborations, and exhibitions. It is a space to work on small to large scale experimental sculpture, unconventional structures and fabrication methods, explorations into new materials and applications, painting and active surfaces, and models.

The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination + Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (SME Building, 302 and 304)
The mission of the Clarke Center for Human Imagination is to help our world become more effective at harnessing the gift of imagination. By combining perspectives from the sciences, arts, humanities, engineering and medicine, the center pursue issues that are timely—but currently under-explored—through UC San Diego and its global network of scientific and cultural partners.

Active Structures and Materials (SME Building, 206)
A space dedicated to cross-fertilization, experimentation, and conversation among artists, scientists, engineers, and other scientific and creative researchers who are engaged in exploring the potentials of new forms of structural and materials intelligence. As a distributed, "intelligent" landscape becomes part of the fabric of everyday life, the functions of all manner of material, spatial, and systemic actors are integrated with those of humans in composites that can sense, think, and act in the world, in ways that complicate ontological categories.