MFA Program

Program Requirements

First Year Review

This review takes place in the third quarter in residence. Students make a formal presentation of their work in a campus gallery to a faculty committee; this includes a position paper and an oral examination. This presentation is considered a departmental examination, and if at its conclusion the student’s work is judged to be inadequate, the student may be dismissed regardless of GPA, or may be reviewed again in the fourth quarter.


  1. Student books gallery space in appropriate quarter and week as randomly selected during orientation.
  2. Student works with their provisional advisor to form committee in accordance with campus policy.
  3. Student and advisor work with committee to book a time for oral exam of approximately 2 hours and copy with date/time when confirmed.
  4. Student submits committee constitution form to at least 2 weeks prior to First Year review show.
  5. Position paper is circulated to the committee at least 7 days prior to the meeting date.
  6. Student brings First Year review form to meeting and committee attendees sign.
  7. If the student passes the exam, they email or deliver the form to the Graduate Coordinator at 
  8. If there are concerns regarding the progress of the work, the committee chair notes concerns on form with plan for next steps and turns into the Graduate Coordinator and MFA Faculty Coordinator.

MFA Thesis

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Drifting Critiques

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