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No Longer Extant: Cayetano Ferrer and Adela Goldbard at the Visual Arts Gallery, SME
STATE PARK exhibition at the University Art Gallery, March 7 - May 1
Professor Sheldon Brown Named MacArthur Chair
An interview with Marina Abramović
ARTISTIC PRODUCTION & STRUCTURAL DEMOLITION. The Discursive and Curatorial Productions (DCP) initiative in the UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts is pleased to present an exhibition curated by Melinda Guillen, No Longer Extant: Cayetano Ferrer...
presents the past year of programs and news at the department. This annual publication highlights achievements in the visual arts and showcases the exemplary work of students and faculty. To request a copy of ReView please contact...
How a first-generation Iranian-American became a champion for the border arts scene. By Seth Combs for the San Diego CityBeat on March 24, 2015
Unfortunately, the popular conception of A.I., at least as depicted in countless movies, games and books, still seems to assume that humanlike characteristics (anger, jealousy, confusion, avarice, pride, desire, not to mention cold alienation) are the...