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icam 2018

Best of ICAM 2018

Reception: 12 June, 5-7 p.m.

Gallery Hours: 12-14 June 2018, 1-3 p.m.

Adam D. Kamil Gallery, Mandeville Center, UC San Diego

The graduating class of the UC San Diego Visual Arts and Music departments' ICAM (Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts) program is proud to announce this year's Best of ICAM show.

Best of ICAM features works like short films, sculptures, interactive games, projection mapped installations, and more.

Come join us in celebrating the diverse body of work that the ICAM program has produced this year!

Featuring works by:
Erica Cruz
Alon Ankonina
Ielich Balababa
Charlie Wilson
Dora Wang
Siddharth Atre
Kimberly Ngo
Angelica Uzzle-Sanchez
Jacob Ugalde
Hong Jing Ngov
Stephanie Menhart
Esteban Espinoza-Hernandez
Carter Duong
Sean Castillo
Daniela Chaparro
Viktoria Hwang
Isaac Nealey
David Juarez
Qixin Ding
Alyssa Guo
Erin Nguyen
Chris Loree
Sidney Gao
Kelli Rice
Jorge Jiron
Clara Shuler
+ more artists TBA

The ICAM program in both the Music and Visual Arts departments draws upon, and aims to bring together, ideas and paradigms from computer science, art, and cultural theory. The departments take for granted that the computer has become a meta-medium and that artists and musicians working with computers are expected to combine different media forms in their works. This makes the program unique among other existing computer art or design programs.

The program also recognizes that creating sophisticated artistic works with computers requires a new model of the creative process, one that combines traditional artistic procedures with the experimental research characteristic of the sciences.