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Minor Requirements

The Department offers minors in several areas of study: art history, studio performance/painting/drawing/sculpture, photography, history/criticism of film and video, film/video production, Speculative Design and ICAM. Students interested in a Visual Arts Minor are advised to begin their program in the second year and may declare a minor by visiting the Major and Minor tool, and completing the minor declaration form on TritonLink.


Minor Curriculum Sheet:

Please note, the department is implementing changes to the curriculum, be sure to select the appropriate curriculum sheet below. Contact an academic advisor if you are not sure which version of the curriculum you should follow. 

We are not currently accepting any Photography, Digital Film Production or History of Film and Criticism minors. The faculty are in the process of updating these minor programs and will not accept any new students until this change has been implemented. We do not yet have an official start date, we will post updates here as they occur.

For Students Declared Fall 2021 and Later

For Students Declared Fall 2016 to Spring 2021


Students with the major declared prior to Fall 2016 need to contact an academic advisor for the appropriate curriculum sheet.