2020 Winter Events

Goddamn Dioramas! What Have I Done??: VIS106C Painting Exhibition

Contemporary Chinese Photography in Conversation

Inventing Tomorrow: Screening & Talk with MFA Alum Laura Nix

Film By Hand: 16mm Experimental Film Screenings & Talk

Laura Nix: MFA Alum Guest Lecture

Dr. Kathleen Ryor: Guest Lecture on Asian Art

Graduate Open Studios

Graduate Research Colloquium

Chaz: A Conversation on West Coast Graffiti & Handstyles

Daniel Guzmán: Guest Lecture

Miljohn Ruperto: Guest Lecture

Nao Bustamante: Guest Lecture

Lisa Jackson: Guest Lecture

Susan Daitch & Erkki Huhtamo: Guest Lectures

American Artist: Guest Lecture

2020 Winter Poster

2019 Fall Events

Nancy Lupo: Guest Lecture

The Model Effect: A Collection of Proposals for Public Works, Art Spaces, and Exhibitions, VIS 110C

Diedrick Brackens: Longenecker-Roth Artist in Residence Open Studio

Persona Unknown: VIS 80 Studio Majors

Alhena Katsof: Guest Lecture

A Public Appearance: Artists from the Art Practice PhD Concentration

UAG 2020: The Future of the University Art Gallery

Matthew Brower "Digital Animalities" Guest Lecture

Las Hermanas Iglesias: Performative Lecture

Rodney McMillian: Russell Lecture

Malik Gaines & Alexandro Segade: Guest Lecture

Blinkers: Guest Lecture

Alexandra Neuman: An Ecology of Mind

Diedrick Brackens: Longenecker-Roth Artist in Residence Guest Lecture

Zac Monday: A Ways Away, Alumni Exhibition


2019 Spring Events

HERE/AFTER: Undergraduate Senior Show

Silience: ICAM Senior Exhibition

MEX/USA + Catoptromancy: Speculative Design Senior Exhibition

Tanner Gilliland-Swetland: A Long Away

Kevin Vincent: Oversite

Honors Thesis Show

Zebulon Zang Lecture: Say It All Again Before You Go

Mateus Guzzo: Metajornal Launch + Public Critique

Sam Wohl: Manos

Javier Fresneda: Desomancia

Juan Bastardo: äb-jekt

Cole Goodwin: All Saints' Day

Jesus Eddy Miramontes: MemoryBabeNo.17: The Wrestling Project

Grace Grothaus: The Promise of Progress

Catherine Czacki: FIGS

Siona Wilson: Guest Lecture

Paolo Zuñiga: LACUSTRINE

9th Annual Adam D. Kamil Media Awards

Alexandra Neuman: the hole is way deeper

Katherine Reischl: Guest Lecture

Elizabeth Guffey: Guest Lecture

Ontology and Haunting: On Agard-Jones's "What the Sands Remember"

Sarah Farnsworth: Space Travel, or: Lessons in Critical Distance

Maya VanderSchuit: Soft Wave, Electric Soul


Zebulon Zang: Lights Measure

Lauryn Smith: As it Seams

Grace Mae Huddleston: Dirty World, Accidental Girl

Reading Workshop: “Digital Knowledge and Collective Memory"

Grace Grothaus: RISE

Kirstyn Hom: Passages

Lisa Korpos: The Community Bee Clinic

Abe King: Blissful Catastrophe of DIY

Christina Vagt: Guest Lecture

Bailey Davenport: Testify!

Oscar Magallanes: Ethnosuicide and Epistemologies of Ignorance

Yasmine Kasem: Jihad of Bitter Petals

Reading Workshop: "On Archives and Their Affects"

Carolina Montejo "Leffas: Small Fusion"

Alan Skelton: Refrigerator Waves

Michael Shawver: 2nd Annual Adam D. Kamil Guest Lecture

Casey Polacheck: To Mind the Elephant

Rafa Esparza: Guest Lecture

Thien Doan "Hybrid Home: The Coordinate of Here"

Sam Wohl "Judas Unicorn: Artifacts"

Reading Workshop: Decolonial Practices, Indigeneity, and Pia Arke’s “Ethno-Aesthetics”

Işık Kaya: Monuments

Ingeborg Reichle: Guest Lecture

Lauren Mackler: Guest Lecture


2019 Winter Events

2018 Fall Events

Digital Cinema: VIS 171 Final Screening

Documentary Evidence & the Construction of Authenticity: VIS 180A Final Screening

Sindhu Thirumalaisamy: The Lake and The Lake

Jon Paden: Dadum

Full-On: An exhibition from Vis 80 Studio Majors

Mark Dery: Guest Lecture

LUSTRO: Presented by Lissette Jiménez

Anna Sew Hoy: Longenecker-Roth Artist in Residence Open Studio

Zackary Drucker: Russell Lecture

Maya VanderSchuit: un-circle. bend. while it's hot

Candice Hopkins: Guest Lecture

Carrie Mae Weems: MFA Alum Guest Lecture

Joshua A. Fogel: Keynote Lecture

Interrogating the Archive Colloquium

Adam Khalil: Screening & Guest Lecture

Anna Sew Hoy: Longenecker-Roth Artist in Residence Guest Lecture

Visual Arts Pecha Kucha

Branden W. Joseph: Guest Lecture

Celebrate the Arts at Welcome Week


2018 Spring Events

Bodies In Trouble: MFA Exhibition at MCASD

Here and Now: Converging Histories

Katherine Agard: of color

Best of ICAM 2018

Andrew Sturm: Citizen Artist

Asa Mendelsohn: Instrumental

The Aborted Gadgets of 007 Initiated with a Sacrifice

Performing Code Live

Impossible Spaces: Studio Honors Thesis Show 2018

Architectural Expo 2018

Jessica Buie: Glance Gaze Look

Maya Grace Misra: America's Harvest Box

D S Chapman: Performing Vulnerability

James Nisbet Guest Lecture

Yubin Kang: Flowing Boundaries

John Dombroski: To Open

8th Annual Adam D. Kamil Media Awards

Shallow Hold, Falling Low

Nina Waisman: Guest Lecture

Guillermo Estrada: Detrás del Cosmos

Heejung Shin: Free Fish"es"

Off the Radar

Art, Activism, and the Environment: A Conversation

Evelyn Walker: I'm the Dummy, You're the Dummy!

Dana Washington: We Alive or We Ain't Living

Bradford Young: 1st Annual Adam D. Kamil Guest Lecture

Chilenas in the Diaspora: Culture, Resistance, and Hope

Ryne Heslin: Worlding

Interrogating the Archive: Decolonization is Not a Metaphor

Corey Dunlap: Mesh and Bone

Zara Kuredjian: Temporal Imaginings

Mateus Guzzo: Latin American Centered Speculative Design

The Agency of Art at the University Art Gallery

Sam Wohl: Judas Unicorn

John Dombroski & Jonathan Nussman: Voicing Space

Performing Code with Shelly Knotts