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2024 Winter Events

Digital Cinema: VIS 171 Final Screening

Advanced Sound and Lighting: VIS 181 Final Screening

Undergraduate Studio Honors: Open Studios

A Clusterf#ck o'Spices + Bugs: VIS 141A Class Exhibition

Emergent Human: VIS 147B Class Exhibition

Sentiment and the Self: VIS 106B Painting Class Exhibition

Monsters & Memories: VIS 105C Drawing Class Exhibition

Roberta Wue: Guest Lecture

Graduate Open Studios

Doctoral Research Colloquium

Simon Penny: Guest Lecture

Pablo José Ramírez: Guest Lecture

Carmen Cuenca & Andrea Torreblanca: Guest Lecture

Etched in a Score: Moe Penders Ramos 2nd Year MFA Exhibition

Arkestra Landing: Nykelle Devivo 2nd Year MFA Exhibition

Elliott Hundley: Russell Lecture with MCASD

Boštjan Bugarič: Guest Lecture

Cut-Up The Guardian: VIS 175 Class Exhibition

Zip File: Maddie Butler 2nd Year MFA Exhibition

Meredith Tromble: Guest Lecture

if you weight a little while it will all make sense: Coralys Carter 2nd Year MFA Exhibition

Because I came looking for You: Olivia Kayang 2nd Year MFA Exhibition

NOT NOW BUT NOW: MFA Preview Exhibition

2023 Fall Events

2023 Spring Events

Sites of Blood and Water: MFA Graduating Cohort Exhibition

Suck Off!: Performance for mika Castañeda's MFA Thesis Exhibition

BARCA / Futopia: Speculative Design Capstone Projects Exhibition

Sandwich: Interdisciplinary Computing & the Arts Senior Exhibition

Quieting Down: Performance by Jun! Min and Alejandrina Medina

out of place: Heige Kim MFA Thesis Exhibition

Ooooooooh Wheeeeeee! To be a pig in a tree... [THE ONE THAT GREW EMOTIONS AND DIED]: mika Castañeda MFA Thesis Exhibition

Space Between: Studio Honors Thesis Exhibition

Senior Studio Art Show

Rhyme & Reason: Jack Coventry MFA Thesis Exhibition

SE BUSCA: Lorena Ochoa MFA Thesis Exhibition

13th Annual Adam D. Kamil Media Awards

Ian Cooper in conversation with Lauren Mackler: Adam D. Kamil Guest Lecture

Sydney & Kim: Hazel Katz MFA Thesis Exhibition

By the Sweat of My Browser: Wren Gardiner MFA Thesis Exhibition

a landscape holds you still: Arlene Mejorado MFA Thesis Exhibition

Ligia Lewis: Guest Lecture

no grove // no sound: Sabrina Piersol MFA Thesis Exhibition

a grain of rice embedded in my chest: Cat Gunn MFA Thesis Exhibition

Pacific Intentions: Performance at the Edge of California

Immanent: Maria Mathioudakis MFA Thesis Exhibition

You Don't Know Us Negroes: Amir Saadiq MFA Thesis Exhibition

Tourmaline: Guest Lecture

2023 Winter Events

2022 Fall Events

2022 Spring Events

Bonfire: 2022 Graduating MFA Exhibition

Hybrid: 2022 ICAM Senior Show

Self, Space, & Subculture: 2022 Studio Honors Show

We Got Here Under False Pretenses: Taylor Chapin MFA Thesis Exhibition

You took my impression without ever touching me: beck haberstroh MFA Thesis Exhibition

2022 Senior Studio Art Show

12th Annual Adam D. Kamil Media Awards

Glean In: Matt Williams MFA Thesis Exhibition

Pink Slip: First Year MFA Show

Blight Birth Burning in Brine: Victor Castañeda MFA Thesis Exhibition

Alex Rivera: Adam D. Kamil Guest Lecture

Global Freedom Struggles from Kashmir to Palestine

El Des-Archivo del Campesino Urbano: Isidro Pérez García MFA Thesis Exhibition

tether: kelechi agwuncha MFA Thesis Exhibition

Gathering of Students and Colleagues in honor of Jack Greenstein

Tomándome me tiempo, conversaciones trascendentales en la morada interior: Maria Antonia Eguiarte Souza MFA Thesis Exhibition

Let That Window be a Door: alexis hithe MFA Thesis Exhibition

Hyphen-Labs: Remote Guest Lecture

Carolina Caycedo: Remote Guest Lecture


2022 Winter Events

2021 Fall Events

2021 Spring Events

2021 Winter Events

2020 Fall Events

2020 Spring Events

2020 Winter Events

2019 Fall Events

2019 Spring Events

HERE/AFTER: Undergraduate Senior Show

Silience: ICAM Senior Exhibition

MEX/USA + Catoptromancy: Speculative Design Senior Exhibition

Tanner Gilliland-Swetland: A Long Away

Kevin Vincent: Oversite

Honors Thesis Show

Zebulon Zang Lecture: Say It All Again Before You Go

Mateus Guzzo: Metajournal Launch + Public Critique

Sam Wohl: Manos

Javier Fresneda: Desomancia

Juan Bastardo: äb-jekt

Cole Goodwin: All Saints' Day

Jesus Eddy Miramontes: MemoryBabeNo.17: The Wrestling Project

Grace Grothaus: The Promise of Progress

Catherine Czacki: FIGS

Siona Wilson: Guest Lecture

Paolo Zuñiga: LACUSTRINE

9th Annual Adam D. Kamil Media Awards

Alexandra Neuman: the hole is way deeper

Katherine Reischl: Guest Lecture

Elizabeth Guffey: Guest Lecture

Ontology and Haunting: On Agard-Jones's "What the Sands Remember"

Sarah Farnsworth: Space Travel, or: Lessons in Critical Distance

Maya VanderSchuit: Soft Wave, Electric Soul


Zebulon Zang: Lights Measure

Lauryn Smith: As it Seams

Grace Mae Huddleston: Dirty World, Accidental Girl

Reading Workshop: “Digital Knowledge and Collective Memory"

Grace Grothaus: RISE

Kirstyn Hom: Passages

Lisa Korpos: The Community Bee Clinic

Abe King: Blissful Catastrophe of DIY

Christina Vagt: Guest Lecture

Bailey Davenport: Testify!

Oscar Magallanes: Ethnosuicide and Epistemologies of Ignorance

Yasmine Kasem: Jihad of Bitter Petals

Reading Workshop: "On Archives and Their Affects"

Carolina Montejo "Leffas: Small Fusion"

Alan Skelton: Refrigerator Waves

Michael Shawver: 2nd Annual Adam D. Kamil Guest Lecture

Casey Polacheck: To Mind the Elephant

Rafa Esparza: Guest Lecture

Thien Doan "Hybrid Home: The Coordinate of Here"

Sam Wohl "Judas Unicorn: Artifacts"

Reading Workshop: Decolonial Practices, Indigeneity, and Pia Arke’s “Ethno-Aesthetics”

Işık Kaya: Monuments

Ingeborg Reichle: Guest Lecture

Lauren Mackler: Guest Lecture


2019 Winter Events

2018 Fall Events

2018 Spring Events

Bodies In Trouble: MFA Exhibition at MCASD

Here and Now: Converging Histories

Katherine Agard: of color

Best of ICAM 2018

Andrew Sturm: Citizen Artist

Asa Mendelsohn: Instrumental

The Aborted Gadgets of 007 Initiated with a Sacrifice

Performing Code Live

Impossible Spaces: Studio Honors Thesis Show 2018

Architectural Expo 2018

Jessica Buie: Glance Gaze Look

Maya Grace Misra: America's Harvest Box

D S Chapman: Performing Vulnerability

James Nisbet Guest Lecture

Yubin Kang: Flowing Boundaries

John Dombroski: To Open

8th Annual Adam D. Kamil Media Awards

Shallow Hold, Falling Low

Nina Waisman: Guest Lecture

Guillermo Estrada: Detrás del Cosmos

Heejung Shin: Free Fish"es"

Off the Radar

Art, Activism, and the Environment: A Conversation

Evelyn Walker: I'm the Dummy, You're the Dummy!

Dana Washington: We Alive or We Ain't Living

Bradford Young: 1st Annual Adam D. Kamil Guest Lecture

Chilenas in the Diaspora: Culture, Resistance, and Hope

Ryne Heslin: Worlding

Interrogating the Archive: Decolonization is Not a Metaphor

Corey Dunlap: Mesh and Bone

Zara Kuredjian: Temporal Imaginings

Mateus Guzzo: Latin American Centered Speculative Design

The Agency of Art at the University Art Gallery

Sam Wohl: Judas Unicorn

John Dombroski & Jonathan Nussman: Voicing Space

Performing Code with Shelly Knotts