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Miscellaneous Information

Large Format Printing Policy

Contact Justin Tuerk, Photography & Print Lab Instructional Technician
  • All usage for the large format printer must be coordinated with Justin.
  • Justin will provide a general estimate of the cost of the printing based on the specs provided.
  • Costs must be covered by the requestor.
    • Students can use a Russell Grant or they can order ink cartridges from B&H photo.
    • Faculty can use research funds or they can order ink cartridges from B&H photo.
  • Cash, check, venmo, etc. will not be accepted for payment

B&H Photo Order Directions:
Each cartridge is $226
Please email Justin to determine which cartridge needs to be ordered
Order at: B&H Epson T800 Ultra Chrome Ink 700ml
Have cartridges delivered to:

Justin Tuerk
UCSD Visual Arts Facility 407
7835 Trade St., Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92121

Once a receipt/proof of purchase has been provided to the department, the printing can begin.

Please note that this is the policy for AY 21/22 and may be revised in the future if policies are not being followed and/or costs increase.