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Naria Kitahara

Through the use of Geometric patterns and abstract representations of my body, my work seeks to narrate my personal experiences with body dysmorphia, being a biracial person of color, and my struggle with mental health. A native of the Coachella valley I grew up in a low-income biracial household. My personal and unique experience navigating through my upbringing is the main influence of my work. In my practice I use geometric patterns to depict my state of mind in a way that I feel cannot be communicated though words. I also explore my self-perception though the work that is based on my body. Throughout my work I explore and express myself by creating visual and physical representations of my reality.
When creating my work, my intension is to depict a feeling or an idea, these ideas manifest themselves as abstract thoughts, or as a representation of how I perceive my own body. My works explain these thoughts and ideas visually through my use of medium, material, and design. Because these works are so personal, I leave myself exposed, inviting my audience to see some of my most intimate thoughts. Many of my works have reoccurring designs and concepts that continue to evolve as I grow. My work is my form of expression, but it is also a form of therapy. My work is a reflection of my own self-image, and I use this self-image in my practice in order to explore and better understand myself. Although these works are about me, I am conscious that they do not define me, because these works can only portray a small portion of who I am.

Procrastination and anxiety
Naria Kitahara
Medium: Acrylic on canvas paper
Dimensions: 9 x 12