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Zhengzhou Huang

Consciousness works in layers, with each layer holding an object that we are conscious of. We can be strongly aware of one major thing, and meanwhile be vaguely or subliminally conscious of other things with less attention. For me, these layers of consciousness offer a way to construct and combine real-life and fictional experience. I am interested in creating a situation where the real and the fictional occupies different layers of consciousness.

I am interested in making a process, in which layers of real and unreal are constantly flipped and folded over each other. These layers of reality and unreality fall on the layers of one's consciousness, so one is constantly transited between real-life and fictional experience. Through the process in which the real acts as the unreal and the unreal simulates the real, one's consciousness of these two almost merge together. I am interested in creating these different realities by manipulating digital and physical objects and materials. By looking at a physical object, one would know how it touches like even without touching it. Similarly, digital objects like videos can trigger a sense of materiality. The editing, the color, and other parts of the filmic language shown in a video can create a materiality in visual terms. The digital and the physical combined can lead to different realities on the level of perception. I intend to map these layers of different realities onto the layers of consciousness. With these closely related layers, the created experience is complete.

Instagram: @nuobe

Observation Station
Zhengzhou Huang
Medium: Plywood, steel, plastic tiles, plexiglass, magnifying glass, photo, servo motor, video projection, sound
Dimension: varies