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Zac Monday

A Ways Away

Visual Arts Alumni Exhibition

Reception & Performance: October 23, 6-8 p.m.

October 23 - November 13, 2019
Open: Tuesdays 2-3 p.m. / Wednesdays 12-3 p.m. / Fridays 12-3 p.m.

SME 142 Visual Arts Gallery, Structural & Materials Engineering Bldg., UC San Diego

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Zac Monday's crochet costumes and drawings are animated through performance experiences that are intended to direct how both the viewer and the maker interact. When performed, characters are focused on guiding viewers through art/and everyday spaces, where our emotional and spiritual sensations can be expressed through textile touch; an enigmatic significance, as well as storyline. The entities created are the accumulation of Mondays envisioning of people, which communicate the observation of human existence through crochet and the Figure. Monday encourages an engagement from viewers that stimulates not only the corporeal mind and body, but specifically the emotional and spiritual aspects of art viewing. Zac Monday is a graduate of the MFA program at University of California in San Diego 2010. He received his BFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007.