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photo of the Kamil Gallery signICAM & Speculative Design

Senior Exhibition

Online Exhibition: June 9-15, 2020

A final group exhibition from the graduating Seniors of Interdisciplinary Computing & the Arts and Speculative Design.

ICAM Project Presentations: June 9, 2-5 p.m.
YouTube Livestream:

Speculative Design Project Presentations: June 9, 5-8 p.m.
YouTube Livestream:

Senior Project in Computing Arts (VIS 160)

ICAM Project Presentations: June 9, 2-5 p.m.
YouTube Livestream:

Under direction of Ricardo Dominguez
2:10 pm Aidan Bound
2:15 pm Christine Chung
2:20 pm Qingchen Dang
2:25 pm Xuyuan Duan
2:30 pm Ryan Fan
2:35 pm Theodore Fu
2:40 pm John Kim
2:45 pm Jiayu Luo
2:50 pm Sol Markarian
2:55 pm Alice Medrano

Under direction of Trish Stone
3:10 pm Zhou Ao
3:15 pm Shae Chen
3:20 pm Reena Kim
3:25 pm Chen Ling
3:30 pm Rachel Luk
3:35 pm Ivan Poletaev
3:40 pm Kiane Wang
3:45 pm Joshua Ward
3:50 pm Fanjia Zhou

Under direction of Robert Twomey
4:10 pm Niklas Mittelsdorf
4:15 pm Arnelle Baptista
4:20 pm Hannah Oh
4:25 pm Natasha Hadimulia
4:30 pm Alex Liang
4:35 pm Esther Wang
4:40 pm Leo Cooperband
4:45 pm Maurice Mansour
4:50 pm Will Stock

Design Master Studio (VIS 190)

Speculative Design Project Presentations: June 9, 5-8 p.m.
YouTube Livestream:

Under the direction of Dr. Pinar Yoldas
5:00 pm Hung Nguyen, Jim Jeong
5:10 pm Olivia Terian, Dane Wilson, Bryce Moon
5:20 pm Erin No,  Emma Brown,  Futoshi Takagi,  Carien Koumruquian
5:32 pm Yunshen Jessie Wu
5:40 pm Noel Nguyen
5:48 pm Sarah Diaz
5:56 pm Stefanie Mendoza

6 feet Apart is the outcome of a ten week long journey , both personal and professional, through COVID19 and social transformation triggered by it. The challenge was to respond to COVID19 as speculative designers while still figuring it out. Under four themes, environment & ecology, information & news, food and entertainment we came up with solutions and cultural remedies.

ARTIFICIAL VIROIDS: Outbreak Narratives and Cultural Vaccines
Under the direction of Ricardo Dominguez
6:00 pm Jahan Sohrabi
6:10 pm Tzinti Aguirre-Medina
6:20 pm Maria Montes Arvizu
6:30 pm Fana Hagos, Jonathan Hernandez, Samantha Hollander, Paolo Suarez
6:40 pm Hannah Goodrich
6:50 pm Grant Jacobs
7:00 pm Melanie Jaffe and Shannon Kha
7:10 pm Negin Mirzaeetavana
7:20 pm Amberly Ngo
7:30 pm Dalida Rached and Isabel Ricker

Our Design Master Studio for this Spring QT 2020 was entitled Artificial Viroids: Outbreak Narratives and Cultural Vaccines. Our goal was to design potential responses to COVID-19 via critical fictions, new “real time” data and to consider the tender affects/feelings of intimacy during “social distancing”. The class considered classic plague text, read biopolitical theories, watched science fiction films, zombie tales, documentaries, cultural vaccines projects to consider our post-contemporary outbreak narratives. In the hope that we could create cognitive maps and projects based on how societies dealt with pandemics in past, what we could learn from them and what we could do to slow down, route around or stop the pandemic now and the viral futures to come in unexpected ways.