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Image from Hyphen-Labs, "PushMi PullYu."
Image from Hyphen-Labs, PushMi PullYu


Guest Lecture

April 15, 2022
1:00 - 2:30 p.m. PDT
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Hyphen-Labs is an international collective working at the intersection of technology, art, science, and the future. Through their global vision and multi-disciplinary backgrounds they are driven to create engaging ways to explore planetary-centered design. In the process they challenge conventions and stimulate conversations, placing collective needs and experiences at the center of evolving narratives.

Ece Tankal is a Turkish-born designer and new media artist based in Barcelona. Tankal is interested in exploring the interventions and interactions related to bodily, spatial and temporal concepts through mixed media installations, VR experiences and speculative design. Trained in architecture, Tankal’s approach is to place the viewer as a natural extension of the micro- and macro-topographies created to expand and stretch the reality we currently occupy. She is a co-founder of Hyphen-Labs.

Carmen Aguilar y Wedge is a Latinx structural engineer and artist synthesizing design and technology to develop immersive transmedia experiences. She is a co-founder and creative director at Hyphen-Labs. Aguilar y Wedge is inspired by the tangibility of concepts translated into material expressions visualized through an aesthetic framework of science fiction, futurism and surrealism. Her work expands on the principles of emotional design. She blends themes of supertech, Humanity+, environmental and social issues through the context of architecture, robotics, VR, fashion, computation, comparative new media, music and smart materials.

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