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Tomándome mi tiempo,

conversaciones trascendentales en la morada interior 

Nuestros cuerpos son símbolos más que un hogar

Maria Antonia Eguiarte Souza

MFA Thesis Exhibition

Opening Reception: April 28, 6:00 p.m.
Gallery Hours & Performances: April 29-30 & May 2-5, 3:00 p.m.
Performance Space, Visual Arts Facility UC San Diego

In “Tomándome mi tiempo, conversaciones en la morada interior” you walk into a candlelit limbo, an in-between places, a liminal pocket of disfigured time and space. Here I meet with Santa Teresa and experience transcendental, faith fueled conversation with her, we find ourselves dismembered, lost, used.

More a symbol than a home.

I have wondered between the fibers I have found light in silence, I have found rebellion in whispers, autonomy in light touches. I invite you to have faith and walk the liminal space of mysticism and madness with me, and Santa Teresa.