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a landscape holds you still

Arlene Mejorado MFA Thesis Exhibition

May 12 - May 19, 2023
Reception: May 13, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
By appointment through May 25:
SME Gallery, Structural & Materials Engineering, UC San Diego

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Problematizing the relationship between image and placemaking, Mejorado intervenes at the intersection of the urban exterior and its many liminal sites. She works through staging intimate gestures, marking space with memory and constructing rehearsals in remembering. This body of work made in the San Fernando Valley contemplates what Gaye Theresa Johnson theorizes as "investing critical meaning," within a landscape often described as a "non-place," whose banal everydayness serves as a vast backdrop to Los Angeles, movie making, and the largest creative industry in the world.