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Space Between

Studio Honors Thesis Exhibition

June 5 - June 8, 2023
Reception: June 8, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Adam D. Kamil Gallery, Mandeville Center, UC San Diego

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The concept of the “space between” refers to the intermediate realm or state that exists between two distinct entities, ideas, or experiences. It is the transitional space that bridges the gap between opposites, the threshold between one state and another. It is a space of ambiguity, where boundaries blur, and new perspectives arise.

The 2023 Studio Honors class presents Space Between, an exhibition showcasing projects produced by the participating artists over the course of the winter and spring quarters. This is the final show of this two-quarter studio course, where students are prompted to build a body of work exploring conceptual and formal issues of their own choosing. The bodies of work in this exhibition focus on topics such as human rights, nature, gender roles, technology, and individual identity. All of the work reflects a deep commitment to the pursuit of meaningful answers in this tumultuous and haphazard world. The featured pieces range from painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture to multimedia collages, algorithmic artwork, and installations.

Ultimately, the Space Between encourages us to explore, question, and find meaning in the spaces that exist between the known and the unknown, the past and the future, the self and the other.

Participating Artists: Larisa Barlan, Yutong Chen, Zongze Chen, Sayeh Dehestani, Noah Gonzalez, Rachel Heinemann, Katerina Husar Lazarova, Yufan Lu, and Camille Wang.

Poster by Larisa Barlan