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Researching The Territory In-between Borders

doc. dr. Boštjan Bugarič, u.d.i.s.

February 8, 2024
1:30 - 3:00 p.m.
Structural & Materials Engineering Building, SME 149, UC San Diego

Free & Open to the Public!


Shared spaces are the future of our common life in the city. During the modernist era a term public space was used to define such places but the constitution of them were much more based on local economic and anthropocentric criteria, which allowed a strong touristification of public spaces and their transformation into the places of the production of private capital. As the so popular business construction PPP (private public partnership) didn’t deliver to the community realities, needs and/or desires for people inhabiting stressed circumstances of the area. As Marjetica Potrč states “the communities imagine the future city as a network of neighbourhoods and neither group was interested in public space, but they were all interested in shared space, community space,” it is important to follow some of the main paradigms of the changing world to therefore make a new agreement that is not human centred. Decolonizing methodologies can change the perception of ownership into caretaker. The first step is a definition of a new vocabulary based on trust and creating a ritual of transition within structuring new relationships in space.

Reference Performance Nature as A Subject

Doc. dr. Boštjan Bugarič is an architect, researcher, curator, critic and editor. Since 2014 he has been an editor at the open source community Architectuul in Berlin. For the University of Primorska in Koper he coordinated the accreditation and established the Faculty of Built Environment (2008-13), where he took a position of the acting dean (2011 – 2013). In 2017 was a research collaborator at Faculty of Architecture Ljubljana. He is a professor at the Visual art and Design department at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Koper. He exhibited at the U3 Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia in MSUM+ Ljubljana (2013). Since 2016 he has been coordinating the Architectuul’s associated partnership at the Future Architecture Platform. Architectuul is a member of the LINA research project.