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Abdul Kircher



MFA 2022

Abdulhamid Kircher (b. 1996) is a photographer and writer from Queens, New York. He was born in Berlin to German and Turkish parents, and immigrated with his mother to the United States at the age of seven. Spending most of his time in the streets of New York City and abroad, photography allowed him to form deep rooted relationships with many people who he may not have met otherwise. Abdul’s technique developed rapidly into a devotion to process, apparent in his images as a parallel to the friendships he made that continuously undid his notion of humanity and himself. Recently he has turned his focus inward and now looks to his family and close friends for inspiration. Although Abdul’s motivations for documenting everyday life are ever changing, his ability to capture the gravity of lived experience and create an empathetic celebration of beauty in it’s many unexpected forms, will always remain a constant. He graduated from the Culture and Media program of Eugene Lang in 2018 and is currently pursuing his MFA at UC San Diego where he is expanding into new territories of physicality in his work, exploring his photography through sculpture, installation and printmaking.