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Enrollment Information

Can I add a class after the deadline?

The Visual Arts Department strictly upholds the campus enrollment deadlines and does not allow students to add courses after the deadline. 

Students who add VIS courses after the start of the course will not be allowed to make-up missed assignments unless approved by the course instructor. If you are on the waitlist for a course, you are expected to keep up with the class and complete assignments so that if you get bumped into the course, you are up-to-date with the material.

Will I get in to a class from the waitlist?

Enrollment from a waitlist is never guaranteed. Unfortunately, there is no way for the department to know your chances of getting into a class. It is highly recommended that you enroll in a back up course in case you are not added. If you are waitlisted, you will need to attend all components of the course so that if you do gain a seat in the class, you are up to date with the material.

I am on the waitlist for a course, can more seats be added?

As a department we are upholding our enrollment limits in order to maintain the academic value of our courses and personal connection necessary for our discipline.

As a minor student, how do I get authorization to enroll in classes?

Minors are not recognized in terms of enrolling for classes via WebReg. If you are a declared minor student and want to enroll in a VIS course and the Schedule of Classes says “Open to Majors Only” or “Department Approval Required”, you MUST get authorization from the advising office.

Prior to the start of their second pass, declared minor students with the completed prerequisites can submit an authorization request via the campus EASy system on Tritonlink.

Can I have course prerequisites waived?

Students that have met the prerequisites for courses have priority to enroll. After 1st and 2nd pass enrollment times, the Visual Arts Department will authorize students without the completed prerequisite to enroll in the course if they have consent from the instructor. You must follow the instructions as follows:

  • If you feel that you have sufficient course-related experience by means other than the official prerequisite, you may contact the instructor to request a special exception to enroll.
    1. Please note that you are requesting a special exception and approval is not guaranteed.
    2. You should provide the instructor with information regarding your relevant experience and samples of your work at the time of the request.
  • Submit an EASy request for the desired course; request MUST include proof of faculty consent. Students are able to submit faculty consent by attaching a PDF of email consent from the faculty member to the submitted EASy request

Note: EASy requests must be submitted AFTER speaking with course instructor. Any EASy request submitted before the end of 2nd pass enrollment, or without including the information above, will be denied.

It is not possible to petition the prerequisites for the following courses: VIS 105A, VIS 106A, VIS 107A, and VIS 174.

How do I enroll in a special studies (VIS 198 or 199) course?

A Special Studies course is a course where you work individually (VIS 199) or with a group (VIS 198) with a full-time faculty member in your major area on a project decided upon between you and your faculty member with the faculty member acting as your mentor throughout the quarter. If this seems like something you are interested in, please contact a full-time faculty member to see if they will consent to be your mentor (it is advised you select a faculty member whom you have an existing relationship with or someone you would like to learn from). Tell them your project interests and they will decide if this will be a good match. Special Studies are taken on in addition to all other faculty commitments and therefore is not guaranteed as faculty may not be able to volunteer additional hours depending on their teaching, campus, and research requirements at the time. If you find a faculty member, please follow the procedures below:

  • Create a typed VIS 198/9 syllabus that explains the project and specifies week by week activities, designating a minimum of 12 hours per week (time can be split between one-on-one meetings with your faculty member and individual work you do towards the completion of your project)
  • Meet with Faculty advisor to discuss syllabus, project and grading metrics
  • Submit an EASy request for Special Studies to the Visual Arts department by FRIDAY OF WEEK 1 of the quarter.
    • Attach VIS 198/9 syllabus to request
    • VIS 198/9 are taken as P/NP
    • You MUST meet with your faculty advisor PRIOR to submitting this request

After Faculty Advisor and the department have approved the form, a section I.D. will be assigned to the course. You will be notified via email once their request has been approved and a section I.D. has been assigned. Students will then need to take active action to enroll into the course.

PLEASE NOTE: An approved EASy request does NOT mean that you have enrolled in the course. After an EASy request is approved, you will need to take active action to enroll into the course on WebReg.







VIS 199 OR AIP 197 (not both) can apply to your major as follows:

Media-   Advanced Interdisciplinary

Art History- Advanced Elective

Studio- Advanced Interdisciplinary

ICAM- Advanced Interdisciplinary   

What do I need to enroll in VIS 160A?

All ICAM students are required to take a two quarter senior capstone sequence. This course allows students to pursue projects of their own design with support from faculty.

The prerequisites for VIS 160A are: VIS 145A and one from: VIS 141B OR VIS 145B OR VIS 147B OR MUS 172. To enroll in VIS 160A:

If you have completed the prerequisites and are interested in the course: then you will need to submit an EASy request and we will be able to authorize you to enroll.

If you have NOT completed the prerequisites and are interested in the course: you will need to email the instructor prior to the first lecture with a portfolio of your previous work AND a project proposal detailing what you would like to do for your senior project. If the faculty member gives their consent for your enrollment in the course, you will need to provide this to advising for authorization.