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Jessica Buie



MFA 2018

My work uses network culture imagery and computer based tools to create video and media experiments which investigate gender identification and performance in contemporary digital spaces. Screen recordings of digital actions and happenings are the basis of my video works. Often utilizing virtual worlds as performance spaces, my work encourages consideration of the digital landscape as an arena for experimenting with gender expression and the self-reflexivity of public and private virtual worlds.

I use virtual happenings to study queerness, and am interested in the definition of queer in relation to digital experiences and identities. Using the queer identity as a methodology as well as content, my work renounces the original intent of many digital spaces and skews found and produced data into new perceptions about contemporary communication and identification online. My work operates within the understanding that users produce more genuine actions and opinions while their online identities remain anonymous. I investigate how digital moments can lead to clearer understanding of physical gender and sexuality.