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Anran Tu



Anran Tu joined the PhD program in Art History, Theory and Criticism in fall 2018 with a focus on East Asian art during the 19th and the 20th century. Prior to joining UCSD, Anran obtained her master’s degree from the University of Alberta and the University of Edinburgh. Anran is also affiliated with Song Wenzhi Art Research Centre in Shenzhen, and has worked as an intern at Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum.

With a BSc in Biology, Anran is especially interested in the intersection of art and science, visual literacy and knowledge production. Her work also covers topics in sino-Japanese exchange, exhibition and exposition, history of science, and history of education in modern China. Her MA thesis examines the discourses and aesthetics of knowledge production manifested in handscroll paintings in late nineteenth and early twentieth China. Anran also worked on the art of modern Chinese artist Song Wenzhi from the great leap forward to the reformist period, Sino-Japanese joint art exhibitions in the 1920s, and the history of natural history education in early-twentieth-century China. Anran was also the 2019 cohort of Japanese-Language Program for Specialists in a Cultural Field, supported by the Japan Foundation.

Anran’s current research focuses on Beijing-based republican artist Jin Cheng (1878-1926) and his activities during the first two decades of the twentieth century, seeking to explore the transformation of traditional Chinese painting and artistic identity in the context of global circulation and exchange of objects and knowledge, the transnational production of culture and history, and the construction of a modern nation.

Photo of Anran Tu with a statue of a bear