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Mingyong Cheng




Mingyong Cheng (Beijing, China), currently based in California, US, is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on everyday experiences and objects to tease out what is uncanny and ironic about our shared reality. She is pursuing her Ph.D. in Art Practice concentration at the University of California San Diego, and recently earned her MFA degree in Experimental and Documentary Arts from Duke University, where she created art projects that focused on exploring the body in relation to everyday environments. She developed her approach through her undergraduate studies in documentary film at the Communication University of China, her work has expanded to incorporate a more conceptual approach to the genre. In addition to films, her experimental and interactive storytelling includes approaches as diverse as creative coding, graphic design, AR experience, 3D virtual experience, and installation. Her recent projects explore this premise in the context of the Ocean Noise, Water’s Imagery, and COVID-19 pandemic.