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Olivia Kayang




Why live? This is the simplest version of a complex question Olivia Kayang attempts to answer in her art practice. Currently, her work explores human connection as a possible response to that question. By creating self-portrait photographs, drawings and sculptural installations, Olivia Kayang seeks to understand how human beings connect emotionally with each other, and how this process of connecting is often muddled by the politics of race, gender, religion, and other social constructs. Particularly, Kayang examines how people who are often overlooked by society—the invisibles—forge emotional bonds and find the will to live in a world that seems ambivalent towards them.

Olivia Kayang graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Fine Arts at UC San Diego.

black and white photo of a person next to a window

photo of a person in yellow hoodie at a kitchen sink