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Danielle ByerleyPhoto of Danielle Byerley



Danielle Byerley (she/her) is an art historian, curator, writer, poet, and dancer from Temecula, California. At UCSD, she is working towards her PhD in Art History, Theory, and Criticism, with a specialization in Modern and Contemporary Art of the Americas. Her current research explores the role of installations at music festivals, including their relationship with the attendees, the multitude of art forms present in these spaces, and the broader historical and cultural landscape. She earned her MA in the History of Art and Archaeology at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University in 2023 and her BA in Art History at UCLA in 2018. Her thesis research at NYU examined James Turrell’s Roden Crater through geographic, sociological, and geological lenses to reveal how this work of Land Art interacts with and appropriates the landscape and Indigenous cultures into which it is embedded. She was a founding committee member of the Gender and Sexuality Forum at the Institute of Fine Arts, and continues to explore themes of queerness and feminism in her research. She was a curatorial intern at the Jewish Museum, New York, from 2022-2023, conducting research on a wide range of topics related to Jewish art and culture for upcoming exhibitions and recent acquisitions. She has written for (, a website dedicated to inspiring new art lovers through an irreverent and comedic approach to scholarly art historical writing. Danielle’s poetry and dance practice delves into her relationships with herself and the world around her, reflecting on her personal experiences and the broader socio-political and cultural spheres.