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Jax Bryant



Jax is an LA based artist who works mainly in painting but is known to work extensively in poetry, video projects and digital art. Born and raised in LA she is influenced by the colorful scenery of downtown and the graffiti art of South Central where she spent most of her adolescence. Jax's artwork deals with fantastical themes such as monsters, emotionally consumed beings, femininity, nature, and depression. Since graduating from UC Berkeley in 2021 for her B.A., Jax's work has shifted into taking a critical eye to the exploration of whiteness, ideologically and quite literally. She is interested in African American indoctrination and assimilation, imagined histories and slave mythology. Her artwork is a research project on the lie that is post coloniality and the void of the unknown that connects her, an ‘African American’ a Black person, to a ‘homeland’ she has no recollection of.

red tinted photo of the artist