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Nathan Storey




Nathan Storey is an interdisciplinary artist between Southern California and Colorado working in photography, performance, and printmaking. Storey’s work traces the relationship between printed matter and queer survival. His current research investigates gay ephemera, fragments, and stains, entangling a boundless relationship between memory and desire.

Storey has participated in exhibitions at 80WSE Gallery, New York; Mandeville Art Gallery, La Jolla; PS120, Berlin; Assembly Room, New York; Prattsville Art Center, Catskills; Bread + Salt, San Diego; Phase Gallery, Los Angeles; Honey’s, Brooklyn; Espacio Negativo, Guadalajara; the Houston Center for Photography, Houston; and at academic institutions such as New York University, New York; Columbia University, New York; University of California San Diego, La Jolla, University of Ohio, Athens; and California State University Long Beach, Long Beach.

Storey’s work has been featured in MATTE Editions, New York; Queer Aesthetics Journal, San Francisco; and HereIn Journal, San Diego.

Storey holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with high honors from New York University. In 2019, they founded SUBLIMATION, supporting exploratory and cross-disciplinary works by underrepresented and queer artists at STELLAR PROJECTS in New York's Lower East Side. He is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at the University of California San Diego. 

 black and white photo of the artist wearing sun glasses